Get to know Zimbe! The platform that simplifies your trip.

The easiest and most modern way to hire services on your travels!

Have you been through the situation of traveling to a distant place and having to find some kind of service on the spot? It gives that fear of hiring, does not it ??? After all, it has no reference whether it is good or bad, whether it is expensive or cheap, if you will be well attended and there goes …

The Zimbe has come to end the fear of hurting yourself on your journey!

We are a digital platform that connects the traveler with service providers located in their destination cities. Whether you are traveling, with family, or at work and anywhere in the world, you will have at your disposal, service providers of various categories registered in our system and always ready to serve you.

For example: You go to ORLANDO / USA and you will need a driver there.

See how easy it is!

You enter our homepage and describe your need. Ex .: “Driver in ORLANDO” or “Nanny in ORLANDO”.

From there, the Zimbe platform searches your system for the best providers in that location to meet your request. Then just contact the service provider via What’sApp or email, and directly combine with the details and values ​​of the services.

You hire a reliable service, saving time and – most importantly – money.

Easy, is not it?

Escape from embarrassment in your travels.

Come to and enjoy your trip !!

We wait for you!

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    A idéia prática e ojetiva.
    Como é feito a avaliação dos fornecedores?
    Quais são as garantias que o serviço indicado são de boa procedência e de garantia de qualidade?