Who ever needed an indication of some sort of service as a guide or transfer, on a trip ?!

He was thinking about this, that two brothers started the history of Zimbe in August 2017, in the interior of São Paulo, where the founders of the platform reside, Heitor was 28 years old and worked as a travel agent and Victor 31 years old, was a civil servant. They identified a chronic problem regarding scheduling a trip, it was very difficult to find a service provider such as guides, transfers, maids; for a trip without being direct with a travel agency or indication of some friend who has already been to the destination in question.

With this idea in mind and a huge desire to change the world, the idea arose to create a platform that connects travel service providers with travelers who intend to travel to the country where the provider resides, whether he is Brazilian or not. After months of validating the idea with friends, family and people related to tourism, they realized that it would be worth investing in the idea, since the feedback was very positive, as well as being an innovative idea that would save travelers time and money in search of some kind of service.

Zimbe simply and intuitively searches for the best professionals available for your request, making the preparation of your trip much easier and more organized. The big difference is also that because they are tourists, the times and days of attendance are more flexible than the conventional ones. On the platform it is possible to register professional providers (who live their work) as well as people who are wanting to make an extra income at the end of the month.

With this, Zimbe created a new business opportunity for people who want to provide some kind of service in regions where tourism is very strong, since a resident of that region can provide a freelance service in some area that he likes to work in or who is aware of this, thus guaranteeing another source of income for the provider, who sometimes did not even know that he could provide that kind of service, such as a driver.